ESR-9 Amaury O’Jeanson

Uppsala Universitet, Sweden

PK and PKPD-modelling of MICs, biomarkers and PK of ceftazidim-avibactam (CEF-AVI) in pneumonia caused by K. pneumoniae

Relate MIC from clinical isolates to Emax and/or EC50 estimated in PKPD-models from time-kill in vitro data for K. pneumoniae. Design a clinical study in pneumonia patients infected with carbapenemase-producing K. pneumoniae treated with ceftazidime-avibactam (CEF-AVI). CEF-AVI plasma concentrations will be determined and biomarkers will be followed until the patient is free of fever and achieved microbiological cure or switched treatment. Support the conduct of the clinical study (performed in Hygeia hospital, Athens, Greece). Develop population PK models for CEF and AVI based on the generated data. Define relationships between antibiotic concentration, MIC, bacteria mRNA and biomarkers, and the measurements’ in PKPD-models for both CEF and AVI. Characterize changes in immune response markers and bacteria mRNA for their potential to guide future individual dose-adjustments in model-based precision dosing.

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Supervisors: Lena Friberg (main supervisor), Elisabet Nielsen (associate supervisor), Ilias Karaiskos (associate supervisor)

Interests and Hobbies: Cinema (Coen brothers, Scorsese, dystopias), Sports (rockclimbing, trekking), Literature (SF, fantasy)