ESR-15 Catharina Meyer

Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands 

Mathematical modeling of host-pathogen-drug interactions to optimize antibiotic therapy

I develop mechanistic mathematical models which integrate pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic relationships with eco‐evolutionary dynamics and host‐pathogen interactions of bacterial infections. The aim is to develop conceptual treatment strategies of mono‐ and polymicrobial infections which can improve treatment outcomes and minimize risk of antimicrobial resistance.

In several projects, I am focusing on interspecies interactions in polymicrobial infections, drug-host-pathogen interactions, pathogen heterogeneity and evolution of resistance. I am applying various deterministic and stochastic modeling approaches, such as differential equations and agent-based modeling, and perform in silico simulations. Theoretical results will be compared to experimentally and clinically observed findings.

Scientific interests: Antimicrobial resistance,  Phenotypic heterogeneity, Complexity in biological systems, Systems Biology, Evolutionary biology, Agent-based-modeling and other stochastic modeling approaches

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Supervisors: Coen van Hasselt

Interests and Hobbies: I like podcasts, long bike rides, everything crafty with textiles and yarn, cats, travelling and learning about culture and politics