TIPAT is an Innovative Training Network (ITN) for early stage researchers (ESRs). Training towards Innovative Personalized Antibiotic Therapy offers a cutting-edge training-by-research program for 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) / PhD candidates.

The ESRs incorporate knowledge on interaction between drugs, pathogens and immune response to develop personalized treatments. Our training is provided by a unique cross-disciplinary team of academic experts, hospitals, startups, and pharma companies. Besides exciting science, our training program also includes training on regulatory and entrepreneurial skills.

Ultimately, we hope that our TIPAT program will expand career perspectives of our ESRs, establish a permanent training network and lead to scientific innovations which will enable personalized antibiotic treatments which can address current and future challenges of antimicrobial resistances. 

Want to find out more about TIPAT? Watch our introduction video below! You can also follow us on Twitter (@ITN_TIPAT) and LinkedIn (TIPAT) or read this interview with our coordinator: